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MRC Year 1 Recommended Resources: NMB Unit

Neural, Muscular, and Behavioral (NMB) Unit

Unit Director Notes

There are many useful neuro texts on the market, and we suggest you review some of them before making any purchases. The books we suggest here target very distinct experience levels. As with gross anatomy, neuro books span textbooks and atlases. There are neuroanatomy coloring books too, if you're feeling artistic.

- Dr. D. Sarko

Neuro Textbooks

Neuro Atlases

Clinical Neuroscience/Neurology Textbooks

Unit Director Note

Additional resources, mainly for those with a future interest specializing in neurology. Both of these are excellent neurology texts, although they are different and not always in agreement. The Adams & Victor's text provides the basis for the clinical neuro exams used in our curriculum. These are excellent occasional use texts.

- Dr. D. Sarko


Neuroscience Online (UTHealth)

"This is an open-access resource provided by the University of Texas/McGovern Medical School, with a table of contents that can direct you toward topics you'd like to learn more about, from action potentials to higher cortical functions." - Dr. D. Sarko

"A Blumenfeld resource, this site complements the Blumenfeld textbook and takes you through neurological exams. A great resource for testing cranial nerve, motor, and sensory functions. It includes videos of the exams which are particularly helpful." - Dr. D. Sarko

Cranial Nerve Examination & Evaluation Guide

"An additional cranial nerve examination guide provided by Wayne State University. Includes testing procedures, video examination demonstrations, and clinical notes/interpretations." - Dr. D. Sarko

The Human Brain Atlas at Michigan State University

"A human brain atlas provided by Michigan State University. The MRI sections are older, and a bit low-resolution, but this site compares MRI brain scans (labeled or unlabeled) to stained sections of human brains (Nissl body cell stains and myelin stains)." - Dr. D. Sarko


All models are available for checkout from the MRC.

Model Description
Brain Replica of a human brain with multiple views. Separates into 3 parts: right hemisphere of the brain; upper part of the left hemisphere; and lower part of the left hemisphere
Brain with Arteries Detailed model of the human brain, incorporates markings illustrating arteries and cranial nerves. 8 parts: 4 cerebrum parts (right and left upper and lower parts); brain stem halves; and cerebellum halves
Ear Approximately 3 times life size. Pinna, external ear canal, tympanum, auditory ossicles, Eustachian tube, vestibular apparatus, and cochlea are shown in detail along with neural, osseous, and vascular structures. The middle and inner ear components are removable for individual examination.
Neurovascular Skull Life size model with removable skull cap and seven cervical vertebrae mounted on a stand. Arteries are shown on one side and nerves on the other. Removing the skull cap exposes the main nerves and arteries on the floor of the cranium. The 12 cranial nerves and the distribution of their branches are shown.
Skull This medical quality human skull replica is for basic anatomical studies of the skull. Includes representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, and sutures. Can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull, and mandible.
Skull and Brain The 3-part human skull replica is for basic anatomical studies of the skull. This skull model includes an anatomical brain. Includes representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, and sutures. Skull can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull, and mandible


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