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MRC Year 1 Recommended Resources: ERG Unit

Endocrine, Reproductive, and Gastrointestinal (ERG) Unit

Unit Director Notes

Some general physiology texts such as Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology present a good overview of endocrine physiology and would be a good place to start, but the basic science detail is lacking (and sometimes incorrect) and one of the more in-depth texts here is recommended to supplement any review book.

Endocrine/Reproductive Physiology Textbooks

Gastrointestinal Physiology Textbooks

Slide Sets

All slide sets are available for checkout from the MRC. Please inquire at service desk, as the slides are not on the shelves.

  • ERG-SAQ Histology Slides 1-24


All models are available for checkout from the MRC.


Colon Model with cut-away view illustrating the following common pathologies: adhesions, appendicitis, bacterial infection, cancer, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, polyps, spastic colon, and ulcerative colitis.
Esophagus Life-size model showing illnesses of the esophagus from the frontal section, to the upper part of the stomach, back of the esophagus, diaphragm and stomach.
Female Pelvis Life-size model, illustrates an open dissection through the median sagittal section of the pelvis. Internal structures of the female urogenital system are depicted. Dissects into 3 parts: removable half of the female reproductive system with the uterus opened to reveal medial and transverse sectional views.
Larynx Approximately two times life size. The medially sectioned larynx model shows the larynx, hyoid bone, windpipe, ligaments, muscles, vessels, and nerves. The thyroid gland, thyroid cartilage, two muscles, and two thyroid gland halves are removable.
Male Pelvis Life-size model. Illustrates an open view through a median sagittal section of the pelvis. Internal structures of the male urogenital system are depicted. Dissects into 4 parts: removable sections include a half penis divided into medial and transverse sections, and half of the male reproductive system with an open dissection of a testis showing details of the internal structure.
Rectum 1.5 times life-size model displaying ulcerative colitis, internal and external fistula, internal and external hemorrhoids, annular cancer, sessile polyp, submucosal abscess, skin tag, pedunculated polyp, supralevator abscess, ischiorectal abscess, cryptitis, diverticulum, condyloma acuminatum, fissure, and condyloma latum.
Uterus-Ovary Full size cross-section model illustrates multiple pathologies, some of which include: adhesions, carcinoma in four common areas, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, pedunculated fibroid tumor, polyps, and salpingitis.


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