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MRC Year 1 Recommended Resources: Behavioral Science


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Behavioral & Social Sciences / Population Science & Policy (PSP)

Faculty Notes

There is no definitive book on behavioral science in medicine. These books, however, are recommended by the behavioral science faculty because they are a good introduction to the definition of behavioral topics, including physician-patient interactions and population science & policy (PSP). The Sahler & Carr book is almost a combination of Feldman & Christensen and Wedding & Stuber and has more test review questions than the other books. Specific PSP sections are given below.

- Dr. L. DiLalla



AFMC Primer on Population Health

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, AFMC Primer on Population Health, 2021

CDC Developmental Milestones

CDC's Developmental Milestones - a checklist and facts for parents.

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