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MRC Year 1 Recommended Resources: Histology


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Faculty Notes

"Each student should have access to an introductory text/atlas, such as one of the following." - Dr J. Cheatwood


Slide Sets

All slide sets and microscopes are available for checkout from the MRC. Please inquire at service desk, as they are not on the shelves.

  • Carl Zeiss Compound Binocular Microscope
  • Histology Microscopic Slides 1-100


The Calgary Guides

"A collaboration of students and faculty members at the University of Calgary. An excellent resource for EPBL cases." - Dr. N. Henry

SIUMed Histology Website

Digital textbook and atlas. In-depth website created by Dr. David King. Images from glass slides that are included in the SIUSOM histology collection.

Lumen Zoomify Histology

"Loyola University Virtual Histology site. Excellent site for virtual slides and descriptions." - Dr. N. Henry.

University of Michigan Virtual Slide List

"Michigan Histology and Virtual Microscopy Learning Resources. Excellent site for virtual slides." - Dr. N. Henry

Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

WebPath, hosted by the University of Utah, Eccles Health Sciences Library. "Great microscopic and gross pathology resource slides." - Dr. N. Henry

Dr. Jastron's Electron Microscopic Atlas

"Electron microscopic atlas of cells, tissues, and organs on the internet. Well organized site for EMs of cell structures, tissues, and organ systems." - Dr. N. Henry

Anatomy Atlases

Link to Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy - A Functional Approach: Companion to Histology and Neuroanatomy (2nd edition).

Chapman Histology [YouTube]

"Good short overview videos of tissues." - Dr. N. Henry

I <3 Histo!

Dr. N. Henry's favorite!


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