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Year 1 - Recommended Resources, 2023-2024


This guide contains textbooks and resources recommended by faculty to aid you in your studies. Each section of this guide contains lists of various books, models, and websites, as well as faculty notes on the different subject areas and specific resources. The resources on each page are listed in the order provided by the faculty. Check each entry for librarian & faculty notes to see why an item has been recommended and if it is available electronically (note that ClinicalKey electronic copies always default to the most recent edition, though earlier editions may also be available).


Please note that you are not required to purchase any of these texts. These are recommended supplemental resources, not required course materials.

We strongly recommend that you use library copies of any resources before making purchases, as many of the texts are available in paper and electronic versions through the Medical Resource Center (Lindegren Hall, Rm 301) at no charge.

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