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PowerPoint 2010 Poster Templates

To check or change poster size in PowerPoint, check the Page Setup in the Design ribbon.

These posters were designed in PowerPoint 2013.

48x36 Templates

56x36 Templates

60x36 Templates

30x18 setup size, scale 200% when printing.

72x36 Templates

36x18 setup size, scale 200% when printing.

36x24 Templates

Some conferences may specify this size. For most, however, this is likely quite small.

A0 (Portrait) Templates

Template for A0 sized poster (84.1 cm X 118.9 cm) commonly used for European conferences. If printing using the library's 36-inch poster paper, the poster will need to be trimmed (or scaled up if the conference allows for larger posters).

Poster Tips

  • When a poster is scaled to 200% of  of its original size, the text is also scaled 200% larger.
  • Plan the flow for the information. Usually it is in columns from left to right, but a horizontal arrangement might work for some information.
  • Dark text on light backgrounds is easiest to read on paper and uses less ink than an overall dark background. However, including some information boxes with light text on a dark background is OK.

Tutorials & Tips for creating research posters

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