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Finding Full Text Articles

Steps to finding and accessing full text articles.

Getting Materials the Library Does Not Have

Interlibrary Loan

Occasionally, you will find an article or book chapter that is unavailable digitally or in print at the Library. No need to worry! You can still request most materials via Interlibrary Loan, a service that allows libraries globally to share materials with each other.

Simply fill out the short Article / Book Chapter Request form and a member of the Interlibrary Loan team will begin working on your request. Requests are typically filled with in 72 hours with PDF copies of articles and book chapters sent to your email.


SIU School of Medicine patrons also have access to I-Share, a service that allows over 100 universities in Illinois to share books and physical media (not articles) with each other.

This is a useful service if a print book or DVD is unavailable at the Medical Library. Many print materials are usually available through I-Share.

Learn more about I-Share and Interlibrary Loan on the Medical Library's website.

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