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Class Descriptions and Handouts

Microsoft Excel 2013: Basics

Class Description

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet used to perform calculations and also functions as a database. This class covers the functions necessary to produce a spreadsheet such as data entry, formula entry, cell selection, formatting, sorting, saving, and printing.

Microsoft EXCEL 2013: Charts and Graphs

Class Description

Using the data from the spreadsheet, many different types of charts and graphs can be created in Excel. Learn the functions necessary to produce different types of charts and graphs.

Microsoft EXCEL 2013: PivotTables

An Excel PivotTable is a tool for summarizing your data in a simple format. Use just the data and fields that you need to answer a question. Reuse the same PivotTable to answer different questions by rearranging it. This class covers the basics of creating and using PivotTables. Participants will learn how to create, filter, rearrange and format a PivotTable and to create a PivotChart.

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