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Open Access and Predatory Publishing

Open Access

What is Open Access?

What you should know before submitting your work for publication

Open Access (OA) publishing is a relatively new concept to academic publishing that continues to gain traction, especially in areas of research largely supported with public funds. But what exactly makes a journal Open Access, and when should you choose to publish in an OA journal over a traditional journal? The following video describes the differences between traditional and open access publishing, the factors you should consider when deciding the type of journal in which you would like to publish your work, and provides a quick overview of the characteristics of a respectable OA journal.

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Predatory Publishing

Identifying Predatory Publishers

How to leap into open access publishing without getting bitten

One of the most common problems researchers have when preparing a manuscript for publication is deciding where to submit their work. In recent years the number of "predatory," or exploitative, open-access journals has proliferated, which has added higher stakes to an already stressful process. The following video describes characteristics of predatory publishers and the factors you should take into consideration when evaluating a journal.

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