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Creating Educational Videos

Steps and resources for faculty creating instructional videos

Library CAVE

The Library's Create Audio and Video for Education (CAVE) lab contains much of the equipment and software required to record and edit your video. The CAVE has:

  • Two computers
  • Audio recording equipment (microphones, sound mixer, headphones).
  • Audio and video editing software (Audacity, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, etc).
  • Screencasting software (Camtasia).
  • Librarians available (by appointment) for help using CAVE equipment.

To reserve the CAVE, e-mail

For more information on the CAVE and the resources available there, visit our subject guide linked below.

Using PowerPoint to Record a Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint has a built-in function that allows you to record your presentation along with your narration. All you need to do so is a computer with PowerPoint installed, your presentation file, and a microphone. This is a great option if you are unable to make it to the Library to use the CAVE.

Please note that PowerPoint does not have any editing capability, but any required editing can be completed using a separate video editing software.

SIU students, faculty, and staff are able to install Office 365, which includes PowerPoint, free of charge from SIU Carbondale. A DAWGTAG is required, so residents do not have access to this resource. To download Microsoft Office, visit the SalukiTech "Software Licensing" web page: You can claim your DAWGATG here: Contact SalukiTech with any issues.

Video demonstrates recording a presentation in PowerPoint 2013.

Free Video Creation & Editing Resources

If you can't make it to the Library CAVE don't worry- there are plenty of free programs you can use to record and edit video and audio on your own computer.

Recording Tips & Resources

  • If you make a mistake or flub words, don't get flustered. Pause, take a breath and start the sentence over. You can remove the mistake during editing.
  • Record audio in a quiet place to minimize background noise. Even the hum of a computer or an air conditioner can be distracting. (Try recording audio in our CAVE, which is optimized for audio recording and contains a specially designed, quiet computer).

Editing Tips & Resources

  • Set aside plenty of time to edit your video. Editing usually takes more time than you anticipate.
  • Back up your original audio, video, and presentation files.
  • Don't risk losing your hard work! Save often, and save copies of old versions as you go.

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