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Copyright, Fair Use, & Image Resources

Guidance on copyright and fair use of copyrighted materials

About Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

Non-profit organization that supports technology and infrastructure to allow creators to provide various levels of non-exclusive rights to their works.  Creative Commons allows a range of protections around three areas:

  1. commercial or noncommercial use
  2. derivative works
  3. requiring the same license terms for derivative works

Types of Creative Commons Licenses

Attribution: the most open license; users must credit the originator of the work.

Attribution, No Derivatives: may use the work unchanged with credit to the creator.

Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike: may use the work noncommercially as long as the creator is credited and the new work carries identical license terms to the original.

Attribution ShareAlike: originator must be credited and new work must carry same license terms as original.

Attribution NonCommercial: subsequent works must be non-commercial and acknowledge the creator.

Attribution NonCommerical NoDerivatives: the most restrictive license.  Works may be copied and shared with others with credit to the originator, no changes or commercial use are allowed.

Where to Find Creative Commons Licensed Resources


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